Kuum Homes; large, spacious, comfortable living areas, 400-meter long coastline and designed for use only by the owners of snack bars, cafes & bars, restaurant areas, sunbathing areas and private lodges, with an outdoor swimming pool of 1,700 m² private design scaffolding with our loved ones in their own homes they offer a unique holiday pleasure.

Located in the most beautiful bay of Bodrum Türkbükü, with a magnificent view, with an organic architecture concept, our Kuum project designed with respect to nature, built on a land of 40.000 m² in total, has 39 Kuum Homes, 64-room boutique Kuum Hotel and award-winning Kuum Spa Center with 2200 m² usage area. is located.





KUUM HOMES, which have a magnificent view, have 3 floors, each with its own entrance and garden floor, middle floor and upper floor.

Tunçel Holding Company


Tuncel Group of  Companies started in 1972 with Uğur Tunçel company and Yapı Ay CO, and Birmaş , Orin Co. , Ormo CO, and Birtur Tourism CO: continues its commercial life as a group of companies. 

The Group has mainly contracting services (32 years) through its companies from 1972 to 2004, the Ministry of Public Works, the Ministry of National Defense, the Provincial Bank, the Ministry of Industry, the General Directorate of Petrol Ofisi, the Municipality of Istanbul, the Municipality of Antalya and the private sector. construction, hospital buildings, factories, Antalya Bus Terminal, private and official housing.

Kutum Manazara

KUUM Homes, 24 hour security service, security system, environmental security cameras, 24 hours technical service, 2 800 KVA transformer, 1310 KVA generator, environmental lighting, lightning rods, fire and water sensors, cleaning and maintenance service, fully automatic garden irrigation system and garden, hard landscaping (road, lighting) and herbal landscaping, 200 tons / day capacity clean water facility, car parking facilities for every car, boat mooring services provide solutions that will make your life easier.